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Phase 5: User and Pilot Testbed

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Wing Commander Tactical Operations
Select Game:

Game 1: Test Game 1
(started 2010-07-15, most recent action: 2010-09-13)

Game 2: 3-Phase Test
(started 2010-09-18, most recent action: 2011-09-20)

Game 3: Ironduke Vs. QuailPilot vs. Panda
(started 2010-10-17, most recent action: 2011-01-15)

Game 4: QuailPilot vs. Ironduke vs. Pantheos vs. Skanks
(started 2011-01-25, most recent action: 2011-11-03)

Game 5: Battle Royal
(started 2011-10-10, most recent action: 2012-10-10)

Game 6: Capital Ship Weapons Test Range
(started 2011-12-31, most recent action: 2024-03-23)

Game 7: Asteroid Belt Dogfight
(started 2012-03-14, most recent action: 2024-04-08)

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